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How we teach swimming 

Our teaching methods and strategies

Little Fishes is the place where the teacher knows your child by name and can constantly provide information on their swimming progress. We welcome every little fish in our family and always go that extra mile to ensure we see smiling little faces in the pool.

Our teaching philosophy is Prepare, Instruct, and Praise, and it can make the difference between a resisting child and a Little Fish confidently learning. 

1. Prepare

Includes water conditioning, a method helping children to embrace water.

2. Instruct

We show children how to use their bodies to learn how to propel themselves in water.

3. Praise

We acknowledge your child’s every success and make swimming a fun adventure.

We help every child feel safe and at home so they are confident and relaxed enough to embrace water and swimming’s amazing health benefits.

Girls Swimming Underwater

We are leaders in aquatic education.

Did you know?

Swimming has been scientifically proven to help improve many children’s self-esteem and learning abilities when started at a young age. Regular swimming lessons assist the development of gross motor skills, coordination, and the left and right sides of the brain. Because swimming is an ambidextrous activity, it is thought to boost language development and help children learn to read and write.

Research has revealed children who took swimming lessons scored higher in mathematics, reading, oral expression, story recall, visual motor skills (cutting paper and drawing shapes and lines), and understanding directions more effectively. Children thrive on learning new skills and this, in turn, challenges them to be better and more structured children in general.

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