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Our Vision 

Our Vision for growth is to expand our swim school to reach more communities and help more children and adults learn to swim. We believe that learning to swim is a crucial life skill, and with Little Fishes Swim School, it can be an enjoyable one too. Discover our projects and find out how you can be a part of our growing movement!

 Swim School Acquisition and Development 

Announcement of Strategic Expansion and Mergers & Acquisitions: Little Fishes Swim School

We at Little Fishes Swim School are delighted to announce a significant venture in our organisational growth – an extensive strategic expansion accompanied by a robust mergers and acquisitions (M&A) plan. This development is not merely an expansion of our operational footprint; it represents our commitment to proliferate exemplary swimming education and water safety programs throughout Australia. Our endeavour is a testament to our unwavering commitment to elevating standards in aquatic education and instilling a culture of safety and enjoyment in aquatic activities across the nation.

Enhanced Opportunities for Strategic Mergers, Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Divestments. 

Real Estate Professionals:

We are actively seeking properties that align with our stringent criteria for excellence, location, and accessibility. Our aim is to identify properties capable of being transformed into premier Learn to Swim education facilities, embodying a fusion of safety, technological advancement, and an enriching learning atmosphere for a diverse range of learners.

Current Pool Operators and Swim School Proprietors:


In our journey of expansion, we are keen to explore potential mergers, acquisitions, or even divestments with existing aquatic centres or swim schools. If you are considering the possibility of divesting your current swim school, we offer a unique opportunity to integrate your establishment into our growing network. Our intention is to enhance operational effectiveness while maintaining the unique identity and community value of your establishment. We value the synergy that comes from such integrations, believing it leads to greater innovation, improved service offerings, and a stronger community impact.


Landowners and Property Developers:

We are also interested in acquiring parcels of land suitable for the development of cutting-edge swim schools. We place a high emphasis on locations that integrate well with community dynamics, offering ease of access and sustainable operational practices. Our vision for these new centres is to establish them as hubs of aquatic education, attracting a wide range of learners and serving as focal points for community engagement and wellness.

Formal Invitation for Confidential and Strategic Discussions:

We cordially invite interested parties to engage in detailed and confidential discussions regarding potential collaborations, mergers, acquisitions, or divestments of existing facilities. These discussions, to be led by our appointed representative, are integral to our strategic expansion strategy within the Australian and international marketplace. 

Contact for Detailed Consultations:


Mr. Matthew Gobbo Mobile: 0415907981

or click on the contact button below.

Insight into Little Fishes Swim School: 

Little Fishes Swim School, renowned for its commitment to excellence in aquatic education, is poised to make a significant impact on the Australian swimming landscape. Our expansion and M&A strategy is a bold initiative aimed at amplifying our presence and contributing more substantially to the aquatic education sector. We view this as an opportunity to collaborate with entities and individuals who share our vision of nurturing confident and safe swimmers. This initiative is a step towards shaping a future where learn-to-swim schools are the cornerstone of the local community and enjoyment are integral to our national ethos.

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