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Matthew Gobbo

IT, Digital Marketing, Growth

Matthew, our digital marketing and information technology guru at Little Fishes Swim School, brings a wealth of experience in business, technology, and marketing. With over 30 years of experience in top-notch companies in Australia, he drives the culture and values that define Little Fishes today.

Matthew's leadership and marketing expertise have made a significant impact on our Swim School. He excels in collaborating with teams across the business, creating a satisfying and happy environment for everyone. With a background in property and information technology sectors, Matthew's extensive experience in running various companies proves invaluable.

Passionate about leveraging technology to drive efficiency and growth in the SMB space, Matthew believes that a business's success in the modern economy relies on its people, processes, and technology—in that order. After retiring from the corporate sector to spend more time with his family and support his wife Renee in running the Swim School, Matthew is currently pursuing further academic studies in Information Technology and Digital Marketing.

In addition to his involvement in the property industry and investments in tech start-ups, Matthew remains an active community member. You might find him working at reception, lending a helping hand during busy times, or preparing his famous mochas in the café. He genuinely enjoys engaging with our lovely customers on a regular basis.

Matthew's expertise, dedication, and passion contribute to the success and positive atmosphere of Little Fishes Swim School. We are grateful to have him as part of our team, leading us towards growth and excellence.

Matthew Gobbo
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