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Why learning to swim is good for your intelligence.

The Griffith University Study

Australia’s Griffith University polled over 7,000 parents, with kids under the age of 5 who were participating in swimming classes. Some were even from the United States, in an attempt to have a broad range of answers. The study aimed to find out when their kids were reaching major lifestyle milestones in emotions, cognitive abilities, and physical fitness. 200 of these children were actually tested in an attempt qualify poll results. The results of the tests border on staggering. Here are some of the findings.

One group of 3-year-old test subjects was up to 15 months ahead of the normal curve in following directions.

Kids a bit older than 4 years old were 10 months ahead in language skills, 11 months ahead in oral expressions, and nearly 7 months ahead in maths skills.

Kids nearly 4 years old had better grasping skills by 7 months, and were close to 4 months ahead in locomotive skills.

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