Frequently Asked Questions

The Common Questions We Get Asked

We welcome children as young as 5 months. You can also put your child on a waiting list.

We recommend our students to attend at least one- two swimming lessons per week. This frequency allows for regular practice and learning efficiency.

Yes we are not term based, because regular practice enables your child to maintain swimming skills level and confidence. Learning to swim is much like learning to read and write – practice is required.

No, because at Little Fishes we want our students to develop mobility and buoyancy independently and consciously we teach survival skills

Yes, your little one will have classes with the same teacher every week unless your instructor is sick or has professional development to attend, as we observed this is the best for his or her learning. Attending classes regularly makes it possible to work with the same teacher, while make-up lessons may be completed with a different teacher. If for any reasons your child’s teacher changes, we do our best to avoid negative consequences on our students’ learning.

A bi-weekly frequency of learning lessons ensures the best skill progression and confidence in your child.

The temperature in our pools is 31-32 degrees Celsius year-round to ensure a comfortable environment for children.

We offer a 15% discount for the 3rd child in a family enrolled at our swimming classes.

Little Fishes provides family-friendly showers and changing facilities for every class.

Our pools are chlorinated to ensure an optimal hygienic environment a small amount is required by law. Our pool is based around ozone technology.

Swimming lessons at Little Fishes last 30 minutes to 45 min depending on levels and ages. Our Adult classes run for 1 hour.

Up to 4 children in skills-based courses from age 3 and up to 6 in baby classes.

Parents are required only for parent and child levels. These classes are dedicated to children who need a member of the family to assist them with gaining confidence in water.

No, due to our focus on limiting participants and ensuring intimacy, but you can take turns.

Your child is assessed continually and awarded a special achievement certificate whenever he or she reaches a new milestone. This can also be tracked in our start of the art customer portal so you can see your child progressing in a live environment.

Yes, for parent and child levels, and no, for independent swimming programs.

Yes, you can book a visit and observe lesson or a free trial lesson – submit an enquiry on our website or on our customer portal.

You can only pay for lessons monthly by direct debit in advance we charge in a 4 weekly cycle.

No, due to our reservation system, but you can re-schedule a make-up class.

We offer our students the opportunity to take one make-up lesson per month and each child receives 10 make up lessons a year. To receive the makeup token, you must mark your child away in the customer portal. The rule applies for situations when you child is not in good health or has a sudden appointment conflict.