Anyone teaching aquatics to children 5 and over should have the Austswim Teacher of Swimming and Water Safety Certificate, and anyone teaching children under 5 should hold the Austswim Infant and Preschool Certification. All Little Fishes teachers are nationally accredited by Austswim. In addition, all staff have been training in CPR, have up to date first aid training, and have completed Working With Children checks.
Young children learn quickly, however they are just as quick to forget! They need regular revision and practice (at least once a week) to retain skills, and to progress.

Of course children are unique and learn at their own individual pace. They all plateau (or regress) occasionally. Continue with lessons and stay positive as your baby “cements together” their new skills.

As your child grows, swimming lessons will also develop and extend. There is no end-point to the process. You are embarking on a journey that begins with water confidence and will lead to a respect for water safety and a love of swimming that will remain for life!

We do not allow children to swim if they are only wearing a disposable swim nappy, as these do not effectively contain any accidents that may occur, and are not adequate in containing leaks.

Babies and toddlers under 3 years old must wear a “Happy Nappy” swim nappy for their lessons. When you enrol your baby or toddler for lessons at Little Fishes, you will receive a Happy Nappy as part of the cost of your registration. We also sell a range of Happy Nappy swim wear at our centre so that you can update as your child grows.

Little Fishes Swim School follow the Surf Life Saving program “Swim to Survive”. Children can become quite dependent on flotation devices and as a result they never feel safe without one. If your child was to fall into a pool, it would be almost certain that they would not be wearing a bubble or floaties, which would cause them to panic and be unable to reach the side. Little Fishes therefore teach children to swim without relying on flotation devices of any kind.
The Little Fishes pool only contains residual chlorine, so much less than any other swim school. The reason for this is that we use an Ozone System which is the latest technology in filtration, replacing chlorine as it is considered far superior. Ozone removes bacteria, body oils, urine, deodorants, soaps, viruses and minerals, whilst also having the advantage of being healing to damaged skin. It does not cause allergies, dry skin or hair discolouration.
We heat our indoor pool to 32 degrees Celsius, making it suitable for swimming all year round. Babies and children learn better if they are warm; children will not learn if they’re uncomfortable.
No, we are a purpose built Learn to Swim School; we do one thing, and we do it well. We try not to cater to everyone – our aim is to teach children and adults the skills they need to enjoy the water, and to save their lives. We encourage our students to have a love for the water, and when they are ready we teach all four main strokes to prepare them for squad training, school swim carnivals, or just a lifetime of water enjoyment.
Absolutely! Little Fishes Swim School is available to hire for your child’s birthday party, adult parties or any occasion that requires an indoor centre on any Sunday and most Public Holidays throughout the year. You can find more information about birthday parties here.
There are many things that differentiates us from other swim schools. Below are just a few things:

– We are a family oriented centre, where we care about YOU, the customer, and the most important thing in your life – YOUR CHILDREN

– We have various award systems including stickers, certificates and Swimmer of the Month so that children stay focused and motivated

– Our Ozone filtration system, which will not cause skin irritations or rashes

– A children’s playground for non swimmers, or when your children are in classes at separate times, as well as our cafe which serves great coffee and light snacks

– Division of the program into age and stage so that your child is with others of similar ability and can make new friends

– Warm water and heated air in a modern, enclosed facility

– Outstanding, highly qualified teachers, who are experienced and mature

– A purpose built pool for swimming lessons

– An ideal learning environment with large water play equipment

– Variety so that students are always challenged and never bored

– A commitment to quality, ongoing parent education and communication

– Customer service – we go out of our way to help you. At Little Fishes, you’re not a number, you’re a member of the Little Fishes family.

You can enrol simply by completing the enrolment form and direct debit form, and then dropping them both in to us. We request that you drop them in (rather than posting or emailing it) so that we can spend some time to ensure that you are booked in to classes at a time that suits you.